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Funeral Celebrants

If you have opened these pages under pressure
because of a death or imminent death in your family
there are only two references to read now.
Click on this one page and read it and then choose a celebrant from this list

This site encourages Funeral Celebrants who are empathetic and compassionate to be trained, experienced, capable, and skilled.
We encourage commitment to quality preparation of every funeral ceremony,
creative dialogue regarding every detail, and careful checking with the family before delivery.
We point out that this best practice standard can only be sustained if Funeral Celebrants are paid fairly and reasonably.

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This website exists to give the public ethical and genuine information about Funeral Celebrants, Funeral Ceremonies, personal Funeral Planning, Pet Funerals, and Tools and Resources

We aspire to the ideal that a professional celebrant should be the right kind of person with the "best practice" training and mentoring. We believe that a funeral celebrant should have an attitude of compassion, understanding and seriousness regarding the important task entrusted to her (or him). She should carry an awareness of the stark shock, dismay and distress which accompanies a death in the family. She should have an understanding of the nature of grief and how those close to the person who has died have a deep need to have a properly prepared, checked and delivered co-created funeral ceremony.